The CashMarket Service (“Service”) described on this website ("Investor Presentation") is an Peer to Peer (”P2P”) lending platform(“CashMarket”). CashMarket is managed by Indie Labs Oy (“Indie Labs”), which is supervised by Regional State Administrative Agency (“AVI”).

This Investor Presentation contain general information about the Service and Indie Labs. Potential investors must use their own judgment and consult their own advisors when forming an opinion about this P2P service or any related legal, financial and/or tax matters. No material presented on these pages is to be construed as a binding offer to buy or sell P2P loans, nor is it to be interpreted as a solicitation to undertake any other investment activity in any country it is not permitted or in which the party concerned has no required authorization.

No information presented may be regarded as investment advice, solicitation or recommendation to acquire P2P loansor offer of any kind.

Investors should be aware that the CashMarket offers P2P lending service in Finland.

The Indie Labs or CashMarket accepts no liability for any financial loss or any direct or indirect damage whichmay result from an investment or other decision based on the information published on this Investor Presentation orthereto related documentation. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with informationregarding the P2P Service shall be settled in accordance with Finnish law exclusively by Finnish courts.